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e-Statements are more sustainable than paper statements and are provided to many members.  You must be enrolled in Online Banking to elect to receive e-Statements.  If you need help setting up your Online Banking account, swing by your local branch or call Member Services at (207) 221-5000.

  • Save paper and save the environment
  • Fast, free, and easy alternative to paper statements
  • Receive email notice when new e-statement is ready
  • Eliminate a paper trail, reduce chances of fraud and identity theft
  • Arrive faster than paper statements
  • Simplify record keeping

If you wish to receive paper statements, please contact member services and request that you continue to receive them. 

Get Started

e-Statements are only available by enrolling through online banking. If you haven't set up your online banking profile yet, swing by your local branch or call (207) 221-5000 or (800) 628-1115 to get started today!

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