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Help Prevent Fraud

Never give out a one-time pin to someone who contacts you stating they're from Evergreen CU. Sharing a PIN may allow unauthorized access to your Online Banking.

Below are a few common online and email scams.

Beware before you act. Are you making a large cash withdrawal...

  • ... due to a Publisher's Clearing House winning?
  • ... due to a recent Lottery you "won?"
  • ... because the FBI or IRS has called you and threatened to arrest you?
  • ... because your granchild called and needs bail money?
  • ... because a friend from overseas needs cash to get home?
  • ... because you recently got a loan, and they need you to buy gift cards?
  • ... because someone "overpaid" you for an item you're selling them?

In these situations, do not proceed with transactions or withdrawals. Many Mainers are targeted by these common scams every year.