Our New Online & Mobile Banking experience is here!

Your Action Is Needed

  1. Please Register for our new experience.
  2. If you have not updated your email or phone number(s) please call Member Services at (207) 221-5000, Option 3, or
  3. Visit a branch location (drive-up or lobby). We’re happy to see you.

Online Banking FAQs


Why is Evergreen enhancing the Online and
Mobile Banking experience?
Over the years, we learned a great deal about digital services, including what members like and want.  We plan to deliver a refreshed digital banking experience with new features for all members.

Will I need to re-register for Online and Mobile Banking on or after November 17th?
Yes, all members accessing Evergreen’s Online and/or Mobile Banking services must re-register the first time they log in.

Can I re-register on my desktop or from my Evergreen Mobile App?   
Yes. One of the nice enhancements is the ability to register from any device.  Registration from one provides automatic access to the other.  

Will I need to update my Evergreen Mobile App?   
Yes, Mobile Banking users will need to simply update their app (Apple App Store or Google Play Store).  Please do not delete the Evergreen Mobile App from your phone.  An app update is all that’s needed.

What if my email, cell phone, and home phone information are not correct on November 17th?
If your email, cell phone, and home phone information on file with us are not correct by November 17th, you may have difficulty re-registering. You will then need to call us or visit a branch to update your information before you can finish the re-registration process. We encourage you to verify your information in advance of November 17th.

What happens if the Online Banking link I use today is a favorite on my browser?
If you have our current Online Banking link saved as a favorite, the link will no longer work on November 17th. You will want to resave the new site as a new favorite.

Can I reuse my old username and password?
In most cases, you’ll be able to reuse your old username and password. Keep in mind that although you may be able to reuse an existing Username and/or Password, now may be a good time to update your password if you haven’t done so recently.

Are there any more security features?
Yes, when you register for the first time, you need to verify your email and then register that device. When you attempt to log in from a new device for the first time, you will need to register that device as well. You’ll have the option to authenticate 1 of 3 ways which includes receiving a PIN via email, a PIN via text, or a voice call to the phone number (cell or home) on file with us.

Can I stay with the current Online/Mobile Banking platform up to November 17th?
Yes, users may continue to use Evergreen’s current Online and Mobile Banking systems. On the morning of November 17th, users will be required to re-register to the new Online and Mobile Banking experience.

Can you share some of those new features? Some new features include:

  • Use your smartphone and its biometrics to confirm your identity when you call Evergreen
  • Access to your shares and loans to others
  • Set up scheduled transfers within mobile banking
  • Money Manager platform allows full suite of personal finance tools
  • Easier access to security and profile settings
  • In the first quarter of 2021, several more features will be added!

What happens to my external accounts that I transfer funds to today, such as to other credit unions or banks?
You will need to re-establish the external accounts to other financial institutions which will include
confirming micro-deposits. For security reasons, it is in the best interest of our members to re-establish those links rather than converting them over.

Will I see all accounts I am joint on?
Yes, the new digital banking is Tax ID driven. This means you will see all accounts that have your Tax ID on them.

You mentioned biometrics.  How will that work when I call?
If we have your mobile number on file and you have biometrics enabled on your phone, we can quickly send you a Push Notification to your mobile phone when you call. You’re verified once you accept the Push Notification. Nice and quick!

What if I have further questions?
Please feel free to call us at 207-221-5000, Option 3, or email us at [email protected] You’re also welcome to visit one of our four branch locations. We’re ready to answer your questions and excited for you to take advantage of the new experience!