[email protected] is a free addition to your employee benefits package. [email protected] comes with free financial counseling workshops, education and resources to help your employees with their money matters. 


Why [email protected]

[email protected] can be relevant to your business because (from a recent national employee survey):

  • 53% of all employees feel stressed dealing with personal finances
  • 67% struggle to pay bills each month
  • 48% are distracted at work due to finances 
  • 50% spend three or more hours at work each week dealing with personal finance issues

Conclusion: If employees are financially stressed, their productivity suffers, and so does your business.

Add [email protected] to your benefits package today for free, and benefit your team’s financial future. There are no membership, administrative, promotional or set-up fees for businesses and organizations participating in [email protected].  

Available Financial Workshops

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Offer [email protected] and help your employees achieve financial wellness.