Evergreen Credit Union is excited to announce our new free service, CreditHub (powered by SavvyMoney). CreditHub is now live in Online and Mobile Banking and will vastly improve your overall credit-use experience.

CreditHub is completely free and is located within our Online Banking platform under Additional Services and Mobile Banking under Loan Services. Simply click, review and enroll/opt-in to gain access to all the benefits. View any FAQs about CreditHub in the Questions & Answers section below. For all other questions, please call our Member Experience Center at (207) 221-5000.

Here are the new benefits of CreditHub:

  • View your credit score daily through TransUnion, one of the top 3 credit reporting agencies
  • View your full credit report
  • Receive pre-qualifying offers on loans to help save you money
  • Dispute credit report errors/discrepancies with TransUnion right through your online banking portal
  • See how credit use can impact your credit score using a new simulation tool to view possible changes in your financial scenario
  • Receive alerts when an important change/activity shows up on your credit score and/or credit report
  • Learn the impacts of your credit score and how you can get it back on track


Question & Answers


Will the new CreditHub cost anything to use?

CreditHub is completely free. Whether you are just looking for your credit score, or want to file a dispute with TransUnion, you won’t be charged a penny.

How will I know when the new CreditHub is live?

You can find CreditHub within Online and Mobile Banking with “(New!)” next to its name. On Online Banking, find CreditHub under Additional Services. On Mobile Banking, find it under Loan Services, look for “Credit Hub: Score & Offers (New!)”

If I will be able to see my full credit report, does it impact my credit score?

Your credit score and full credit report on CreditHub are considered “soft” pulls, meaning your credit is not affected. A “hard” pull (often completed when a borrower applies for a loan) can affect a credit score, which this service does not use.

What does it mean to be “pre-Qualified” for a loan offer?

Pre-Qualifying loan offers are based on a review of a person’s current credit score and other available information. In the event a member is interested in acquiring a loan product, they will still need to apply and provide additional information, if needed. Pre-Qualifications are not guarantees of approval. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rate or stated terms.

How frequently will my Credit Score be updated?

TransUnion can update your score every 24 hours upon request within your Online Banking’s CreditHub.