Evergreen gives back team photo

Evergreen believes that as a good business and neighbor we should give back to our members and the communities we serve. Here’s what we do:

Community Partnerships

We collaborate with organizations that have a positive impact in southern Maine.

  • Our donations help to support their events and growth
  • We offer creative ideas for generating public awareness
  • Evergreen team members volunteer their time and energy
  • Community Partners - More info

Account Relationship Incentives

  • Our account holders can benefit as their financial relationship grows with us.  Details
  • Special promotions
  • Friend and family referral bonuses for new accounts and loans - $50 per new individual

Loan Deals & Discounts

Rate discounts are available. Learn more.

Checking Account Deals

Both free Evergreen checking accounts can put money in our account holders pockets.   

Free Financial Education

Evergreen believes firmly in helping those who wish to improve their financial wellness.