Windham - a new banking experience

Windham Branch Design

Our Windham branch offers the easiest banking experience in an environmentally friendly facility.  Here are the many innovations that make the building more sustainable.   

LEED Certified - Our branch is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certified by the U.S Green Building Council (application pending). Details at 

Geothermal - Ground temperature is used to help heat and cool.

Air Quality - Volatile compounds minimized to reduce air pollution.

Green Energy - The building is partially powered by renewable energy. 

Easy Mobility - Biking is encouraged for transportation.

Recycling - Our staff recycles whenever possible. 

Less Water - Fixtures reduce daily water consumption.

Light Roof - Light colored roof reflects heat and keeps interior cool.

Non-Toxic - Non-toxic green cleaning methods are used.

Lighting - LED lighting provides energy efficiency.

Planting - Adaptive plants in landscape use less water.