Welcome to Evergreen Credit Union's Financial Counseling Programs. Our financial counselors offer tools and skills essential to improving your financial future. These free, private, and confidential programs are available to all Evergreen account holders.

Your Money 101

Free financial counseling is offered at all Evergreen locations. Start with our free workshop - Your Money 101. Attendees learn where their money goes in this introductory workshop. Tips and tools help you manage personal finances. Plus, learn how a credit score is calculated and ways to improve it. Reserve a seat today, and we'll help you navigate your journey towards financial fitness.

Your Money 101 Workbook

One On One Sessions

Together, we'll offer six easy steps to help guide you on your financial journey:

  1. Gather Information
  2. Establish goals & objectives
  3. Consider options and scenarios
  4. Develop a spending plan
  5. Implement the plan
  6. Monitor, evaluate and adjust






Money Matters Financial Education Courses

We're all focused on staying healthy. This is also a good time to evaluate your financial health. Below are four, 20-minute mini-courses designed to help you better understand your financial behaviors and how you can adjust them to improve your financial wellness. Courses are free and easily accessible at your own pace via YouTube videos and printable worksheets.

Where does your money go?

Credit Scores: How they're calculated and how to optimize your score

Managing and reducing your debt

Building your savings

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